EBRD, EU and Intesa Leasing extend new funding to businesses in Serbia


 €5 million credit line to make SMEs more competitive

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80 million euros for SMEs


Banca Intesa, Intesa Leasing sign new credit lines with EIB


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EFSE expands Intesa Leasing Belgrade partnership with EUR 10 mln loan


Additional investment for funding small businesses in Serbia

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More favorable to the car through loans and leasing


Banca Intesa ad Belgrade and Intesa Leasing doo Belgrade provided special benefits on the occasion of the 52ndInternational Car Fair

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The leadership position is retained in 2014


Since the foundation of the company Intesa Leasing doo Belgrade, the highest level of placements is achieved in 2014 which made the company’s expectations to be the leaders in the value placed leasing objects which is close to 40 million euros, and which led the company to market share of 13,6%. However, apart from these really fantastic figures it may be even more important to say something about the structure of these placements..

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Support to citizens and companies from the flooded areas


In order to support the people from the flooded areas, our company immediately responded with the payment of 1 million dinars to the account opened by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

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The leadership position is retained in 2013


Although the leasing companies, which are often very inventive in finding the business segments in which they are dominant, in order to be presented as leaders (such as: the leader in the financing vehicles, the leader in the number of contacts…), often forget the result as a basic measure of work of each company. And when we are talking about this indicator, like in previous years, our company has achieved the best operating result on the leasing market in Serbia.

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All returned vehicles are sold out


Although in past years one of the main topics related to the leasing industry was the number of repossessed vehicles which leasing companies have lots, and for which are trying to find a buyer, there has been a trend in the decreasing number of these vehicles on the market.

In the case of our company that number has never been significant, but we are for the first time in a long time in the situation that we have neither returned vehicle!

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EFSE signed a loan agreement with a new partner in Serbia-Intesa Leasing doo Belgrade


The loan agreement in the amount of 5 million euros marked the beginning of cooperation.

Belgrade, Frankfurt, 23rd January 2014 - The company Intesa Leasing doo Belgrade has signed a loan agreement in the amount of 5 million euros with the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE)-founded by the German Development Bank with the financial support from the German Federal Ministry for economic cooperation and development and the European Commission.

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