Sale & Lease back

The most efficient leasing product in the struggle against financial crisis

This product allows clients to overcome liquidity problems in a very simple manner by selling their fixed assets to our leasing company and providing so necessary funds. Thus, fixed assets that are already being used and financed from a client’s own funds will just change the owner without any termination in the functioning and use. In other words, the leasing company becomes the owner of the leasing subject, and the client in a modified role of a Leasing Beneficiary continues using them and repaying leasing installments. Upon paying the last installment, the leasing subject becomes again the ownership of the Leasing Beneficiary.

As various types of industrial equipment can be the subject of financing by this attractive model, our portfolio includes a huge number of building, printing and processing machines as well as commercial and passenger vehicles.

However, one shall bear in mind that only certain types of fixed assets, which meet criteria in terms of age, purpose…, can be financed in this manner on the basis of the appraisal by certified appraisers and by the consultation with experts from Intesa Leasing.

Terms of financing:

Costs of application processing: 1.5%

Period of financing – from 2 to 5 years