SMS service

If you are a lessee does not receive SMS notifications, you can sign up for this service. You only need to enter data.

To further enhance communication with users of leasing in the work of delivering information on the maturity of the monthly installments, introduced the SMS service that allows customers to:

  • Getting SMS reminders maturity rate - the message arrives 7 days prior to maturity rate so that you can plan to pay on time and take care of the home and the company's budget
  • Getting SMS notifications on the installment due date - message contains information on the exact RSD amount that is required to pay and what saves you time and energy to get to the data on the rate at which to make payment .

    the plan is to extend its services to additional types of notifications that will be of benefit to people who have trust to ILB.

    Please fill in the form.

  • SMS Servis

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